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Orthodontic Braces in Liverpool

Here at Saving Faces, we offer a wide range of options to straighten your teeth, with every treatment tailored to the individual. Restoring your perfect smile with straight white teeth can be achieved using one of our cosmetic brace treatments. If you’re looking for invisible braces check out our Invisalign page.

Simple, comfortable and quick to work, you will be proud of your smile again in no time at all. Our cosmetic braces can also work in combination with teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding or dental veneers to make your smile even better.

Orthodontist in Liverpool

Walk into our premium practice and enjoy the best orthodontic service in the area. Expect service that goes beyond expectations from your Saving Faces orthodontists. Our Liverpool clinic also has facilities that are second to none. Our clinic is equipped with our in-house CT scanners and CEREC machine. Led by Dr Sab Hussain, our team aims to bring unparalleled service to Liverpool.

Orthodontic Services in Liverpool

For us, orthodontics is all about filling the world with great smiles. Our clinics offer a broad range of orthodontic treatments in Liverpool and the surrounding area. With experienced practitioners and staff and high-end equipment, we strive to give every patient the results they want. The following are the procedures we offer:

Cosmetic Brace Options

At Saving Faces we provide different types of cosmetic braces depending on patient needs


6 Month Smiles

Have you ever thought about straightening crooked teeth but been put off by the idea of wearing traditional braces every day for as long as three years? Well, there is a solution to this, ensuring you regain your perfect smile without any of the hassles of big, uncomfortable braces. The solution is 6 Month Smiles, an innovative and revolutionary form of teeth straightening. The treatment involves the placement of thin tooth coloured wires which are connected by small clear brackets. As the name suggests, the treatment is a lot quicker than most other teeth straightening techniques as in many cases it can be as little as six months. Our dentists were one of the first in the North West to start using this revelatory treatment and had treated hundreds of people with them.

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Inman Aligner

You can turn your uneven or gapped teeth into a perfectly straight smile in just 6 to 18 weeks with an Inman Aligner. It is a simple, painless and incredibly fast method of amending your smile. The Inman Aligner is a cosmetic brace fitted with two aligner bows powered by titanium coil springs. These gently oppose each to guide your front teeth into a straight, connected position that will restore your smile to its natural beauty. The Inman Aligner is worn for 16 to 20 hours per day to achieve this meaning it should be worn from morning to night but can be taken out intermittently for eating. Inman Aligners can be easily fitted by Saving Faces’ dentists.

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Invisalign® is a simple alternative to traditional teeth straightening that comes with many advantages. They are quick, practical, discreet and they can be removed with ease. Invisalign® provides invisible braces that no one but the wearer will know are in place. You will be provided with a number of aligners which should be changed at two-week intervals. Every time you add a new set, they will push your teeth closer and closer together in a way that is comfortable and painless. Once all the Invisalign® braces been used, you should be left with a perfectly straight smile that you can be proud of. They are custom made for your teeth to make it as comfortable and easy to use as possible.

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Our dentists are also trained to provide other cosmetic brace systems such as Fast Braces. We will discuss all the options with you and choose the most appropriate system to suit your needs.

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