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6 Month Smiles in Liverpool

Many people with misaligned teeth or a crooked smile dream of having a straight smile but are put off by the thought of having to wear aligners or braces for a considerable amount of time with some braces treatments known to take as long as three years to achieve a fully straight smile.Six Month Smiles Icon

Here at Saving Faces, we are a local, recognised provider of the ground-breaking Six Month Smiles Liverpool treatment. Like the name suggests you can gain a straightened smile in as little as six months so if it is the length of time you would spend wearing braces that is putting you off then this is the treatment for you!

Throughout the UK there are only a small number of dental surgeries who can provide you with 6 Month Smile braces and it gives us an immense amount of pride to be able to say that we amongst the select group of clinics in Liverpool who offer this service.

Whilst the process for gaining a 6 month Smile in Liverpool was actually first developed in the United States, both Dr Hussain and Dr Coyne of Saving Faces have extensive experience in administering Six Month Smiles Liverpool treatments.

6 Month Smile braces in Liverpool are used to treat a number of differing misalignment issues such as:

  • Spacing– your teeth are not closed next to each other leaving gaps between teeth
  • Crowding – when your teeth have naturally pushed too close together
  • Overjet– the front two teeth stick out ahead of your other teeth
  • Misplaced midline– centre lines between upper and lower middle teeth do not align
  • Overbite– teeth overlap further than they should
  • Underbite– lower teeth stick out ahead of your upper teeth
  • Openbite– your teeth do not close together when you bite
  • Crossbite– a lateral misalignment of both teeth arches

Below see a list of just some of the main benefits to the Liverpool 6 Month Smile:

  • The wires are tooth coloured to create a more discrete look compared to other braces treatments
  • When compared against traditional braces treatments the treatment time for Six Month Smiles in Liverpool is reduced by up to 75%.
  • Despite the increase in the speed of the procedure there is no increase in discomfort as your teeth are still gently repositioned
  • The cost of the treatment is roughly around half the cost of more traditional braces treatments


6 Month Smiles in LiverpoolWhat Does 6 Month Smile Liverpool Treatment Involve?

When you first visit the Saving Faces clinic in Liverpool you will be fully assessed before any treatments take place. This involves taking photographs and X-rays to give us a clearer image of your smile and something to compare your original smile to once your Six Month Smile treatment is complete. We examine your smile to gain a better understanding of the starting position of your teeth and also to assess if there are any other types of braces treatments which would be more suited to your current smile than 6 Month Smiles in Liverpool.

The next step is, once we agree that Six Month Smile braces are for you, fitting you with the small white brackets and special wires that make up the brace that will straighten your teeth. Following this you will visit us roughly once a month for a check-up. During this appointment we will perform slight adjustments to make sure your teeth are straightening correctly and in line with the timescale we expect.

Six Month Smile Liverpool Cost

Generally speaking, 6 Month Smiles in Liverpool are cheaper than the cost it takes to have a traditional braces treatment. The average cost for traditional braces is £3,660 for upper arches and £2,580 for lower arches when purchased as a single arch. However, the cost for Six Month Smiles will depend on the starting point of the patient and what they would like to achieve as an end goal.

The best course of action for obtaining an accurate estimate for how much Six Month Smiles in Liverpool would cost you is to book a free consultation with Saving Faces by giving our friendly, professional team a call on 0151 520 2766.

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