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Dental Crowns Liverpool

A dental crown is used to repair teeth that have cracked or are broken. They can also repair teeth that have weakened because of decay. Our dental crowns in Saving Faces, Liverpool are made from porcelain and fit over the top of the damaged tooth to improve and restore the tooth to its natural beauty.

If you require a dental crown in Liverpool, there is no other name you can trust but Saving Faces. You are in safe hands with our team of experienced cosmetic dentists.

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How do dental crowns work?

Normally a dental crown is made from a strong porcelain material in order to both protect the tooth from further damage and to make it look as natural as possible. Once you have completed your cosmetic dental treatment it will be extremely difficult for anybody else to notice that you have had any cosmetic dentistry performed on your smile.

Sometimes a precious metal or gold bonding can be used to create a stronger crown. This is only in certain circumstances and this process can be discussed at Saving Faces clinic during your initial consultation over your dental crown in Liverpool. Although slightly different from one another, each type of dental crown that we can provide is made to be both comfortable yet durable. We supply dental crowns of the highest quality, so our patients will be able to chew and eat as if it was a regular, natural tooth. Our crowns are able to withstand the ordinary pressures a normal tooth endures both through biting and cleaning.

Dental Crowns by Dr. Hussain

Dr. Sab Hussain – Dental Surgeon

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Dr. Anthony Coyne – Dental Surgeon

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Chelsie O’Donovan – Dental Nurse

How long does a Liverpool dental crown last?

Dental crowns are able to last for many years if they are properly maintained and looked after the same way a real tooth would be. By doing this, your dental crowns can last up to 15 years, and sometimes even longer providing the crown itself also does not suffer any damage.

It is important to remember that while the crown will not decay like a real tooth that you still must brush and look after it like normal as decay can still occur at the point where the crown is joined onto your original tooth which was damaged in the first place. Similarly, a dental crown in Liverpool can maintain its original colour so long as the patient does not excessively consume things that stain easily like red wine, coffee and cigarettes.

Dental Crown Cost Liverpool

Here at Saving Faces we pride ourselves on our competitive prices. There many factors which decide the pricing of a dental crown in Liverpool. Our excellent customer care, state of the art facilities and experienced dentists equate to an overall premium level of service, that will leave you pleasantly surprised once you see how reasonable our costs are.

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Dental Crowns FAQs

  • Do dental crowns hurt?
    No. When getting a dental crown at Saving Faces you experience a feeling that is more or less the same as what you would when you are receiving a filling. Patients are placed under a local anaesthetic to ensure no pain is felt.
  • How long does a crown take to be fitted?
    It takes between 30 minutes and one hour for a dental crown to be fitted at Saving Faces. Depending on the level of damage and amount of the broken tooth there is, normally part of the tooth will be trimmed away. This is done to leave sufficient space for the crown to be placed onto so your tooth can be properly restored.
  • Can dental crowns be replaced?
    In most cases, a Liverpool dental crown can be removed and replaced very easily by a qualified cosmetic dentist. If cavities occur underneath the existing crown due to poor maintenance or initial treatment from another dental surgery then Saving Faces dentists can perform root canal surgery to remove the cavity and to prevent further decay.
  • Can dental crowns fall out?
    Dental crowns can fall out if the underside has decayed or it has been placed under unnatural stress. If you have a loose crown or your crown falls out then the best course of action is to visit a Liverpool dental clinic like Saving Faces. Normally if your crown falls out or becomes loose it is easily fixable.
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