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Dentures in Liverpool – Regain a Perfect Smile with Durable, Comfortable Dentures

People who have gaps in their teeth may encounter a number of issues, from their appearance to problems eating and speaking. Saving Faces’ dentures – false teeth made from acrylic, metal or nylon – can provide you with a perfect new smile to solve this problem. For cosmetic dentures in Liverpool, Saving Faces is the name you can trust.

We can fit complete dentures as a substitute for a full set of upper or lower teeth or partial dentures if there are just a few individual ones that need replacing. Getting dentures is a simple process, and they will be comfortable, long-lasting and look like your real teeth when they are fitted. They can be placed in your mouth and removed at your convenience, though your dentist will advise you on whether you should take them out for sleeping or not depending on your circumstances.

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What happens when dentures are fitted?

There are two types of dentures that Saving Faces can provide: complete dentures for full sets of teeth or partial dentures for individual teeth. The process for fitting dentures is similar regardless of which option you need.

If your teeth need to be removed, this will be the first step of the process, which can be done under local anaesthetic and may incur some mild pain. Once this has happened, the denture will be attached into the place your teeth once where by comfortably fitting over your gums and jawbone. If you have complete dentures these may need to be readjusted after the initial fitting as your gums and bone could alter in shape.

Replacement Dentures in Liverpool

Missing teeth stop people from having a great smile. This is why at Saving Faces, we offer our patients replacement dentures. These removable trays securely attach to your teeth and gums, and they replace missing teeth. Because they are easily removable, dentures are easy to clean and maintain. Also, they last a long time before needing to be replaced.

It is easy to look after your dentures after they have been fitted with some simple dental hygiene. You should brush your remaining teeth and gums twice per day to prevent decay or disease which could hinder the dentures. Similarly, you can brush your dentures with toothpaste to remove food that might be stuck in them and soak them in water with denture-cleaning tablets to remove stains. Be careful, however, not to drop them as they could break.

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Dentures FAQs

  • Will it be obvious which teeth are dentures when you look at my mouth?
    No, your dentures will look like natural teeth in order to help regain the natural beauty of your smile.
  • Can I eat with dentures in?
    It is recommended that, while you are initially getting used to your dentures, you begin by eating soft food sliced into small pieces. Once you get more comfortable with them you will be able to slowly reintroduce your old diet.
  • What do I do if they're damaged?
    In the unlikely event your dentures become damaged (for instance, if they are dropped or mishandled) you may be able to take them back for a repair. Stains and chips will be easy to restore but major damage may require a complete replacement of the dentures.
  • Do they hurt?
    The amount of pain you will experience depends on many different circumstances so it is better to pose this question to your dentist after an initial consultation. Some people will find it completely painless while others may experience some irritation during and after the teeth removal.
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