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Root Canal Surgery from Experienced Endodontists in Liverpool

At Saving Faces, our modern techniques and qualified endodontists will ensure your root canal surgery is as comfortable as possible. With us, your root canal treatment in Liverpool won’t feel any different to a routine filling.

Our endodontists in Liverpool can perform root canal surgery in some instances where your tooth is in pain due to swelling, tenderness, or sensitivity to heat or cold. The procedure involves removing the inflamed or infected substance that is causing the pain inside your tooth. We will then clean and shape the inside of the root canal, sealing the space once it has been filled in.

The surgery can be completed in just one or two visits to our modern Merseyside practice. Furthermore, our endodontists will ensure you only feel some minor discomfort in the days following the surgery, all of which can be relieved by common over-the-counter medicine.

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What happens during root canal surgery?

Root canal surgery is a common procedure used to alleviate extreme pain in your tooth that is caused by what is known as the pulp, a collection of nerves and blood vessels that helps grow your tooth’s root when it is first developing. If the pulp – which is located under the white enamel and tough outside layer – is infected or inflamed, root canal surgery will be required.

Contrary to what many people suggest, root canal surgery is not particularly painful. It begins with a simple examination. Your endodontist then administers local anaesthetic. An opening will be made in the crown of your tooth afterwards, and a small instrument will clean the pulp. Once this is done, a safe rubbery biocompatible material will cement the opening and seal the root canal. A temporary filling will be fitted, and your dentist will then be able to put a crown on it at a later date.

Some mild discomfort may occur in the days following the root canal procedure, but it is no more than what would occur after a filling. If it does become bothersome, over-the-counter medicine will be able to relieve it until the tenderness has disappeared.

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Endodontist FAQs

  • Does root canal surgery hurt?
    There is a common belief that root canal surgery is extremely painful but, in fact, modern techniques ensure it is no more bothersome than a standard dental procedure. Some slight discomfort may occur in the days following the surgery, but this can easily be relieved by over-the-counter medicine.
  • Does it weaken the tooth?
    Teeth can still last a lifetime after root canal surgery as long as you take proper care of both the tooth and the gums surrounding it. The tooth may need a crown depending on the amount of damage already done to the tooth.
  • Can root canal surgery cause nerve damage?
    Your endodonist will assess the possibility of any nerve injury prior to the surgery. It is extremely unlikely that your nerves will be affected. Saving Faces' qualified and professional team are trained to minimise the risk of any complications. If the nerves are affected at all it is usually just a minor tingling once the anaesthesia has worn off. This should go away after a few days.
  • What care needs to be taken after the procedure?
    Brushing and flossing your teeth is very important in maintaining healthy teeth after a root canal procedure. You may also be advised to not eat until the numbness wears off and not chew any solid food until the treated tooth has been fully restored by a dentist. Otherwise, contact your endodontist if you develop any unusual symptoms after the surgery such as swelling, allergic reactions or an uneven bite.
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