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White Fillings in Liverpool – Fight Cavities and Prevent Tooth Decay

A white filling (or composite filling) is made from a blend of a tooth-coloured plastic and specialised glass, used to restore and repair damaged teeth. They can be used to fill a cavity, like a traditional silver filling would be, but their flexibility and ability to blend in with your tooth colour means they can also be used to reshape disfigured teeth, repair damage, and even change the colour of a tooth!

How are they placed?

Our specialist teams have been working with cosmetic dentistry, white fillings included, for their entire careers, and have performed thousands of successful installations. They are the premier providers of white fillings in Liverpool, and have been keeping the Northwest smiling for years! As experts in their fields, the installation of a white filling with Smile Clinic is quick, simple, and comes with an absolute minimum of discomfort.

First, the tooth is prepared for the filling by our dentists. This usually involves careful cleaning and the precision drilling of a cavity area to make sure the filling will sit securely. The composite mixture is prepared, and colour-matched to your teeth to ensure a seamless, invisible fit and great appearance. The composite can then be applied, one layer at a time, by the dental team, who harden each layer quickly using a specially-developed light which hardens the filling without generating any heat or discomfort.

Once the filling is securely in place, the dentist shapes it to the contours of your teeth to ensure a perfect, smooth aesthetic, and then seals and polishes the composite to prevent staining or early wear-and-tear.

This is all carried out in the same appointment, unlike the traditional application of fillings, which takes two or more appointments! With Smile Clinic’s white fillings, you only need one visit to walk out smiling.

What are the advantages of white composite fillings?

White fillings are superior to silver in a few ways, the first and foremost of which is that they blend into your teeth flawlessly. Our dentists blend the composite mixture carefully for each patient, making sure that it will match their tooth colour perfectly before application.

Once applied, the composites serve to reinforce the remaining tooth, strengthening it against damage and future wear and tear, and keeping it comfortable and healthy. The filling is bonded directly to the healthy tooth, reinforcing it, and responds to heat and cold the same way your tooth does, keeping it comfortable and strong no matter what you throw at it.

If you’re interested in a white filling in Liverpool, or in having metal fillings replaced, give Smile Clinic a call on 0151 520 2766 or drop the team an email!

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